My both pregnancies ended in non immune hydrops fetalis because of possible cardiomyopathy. The first case report describes a polymalformative syndrome. Some congenital malformations could be attributed to Seckel syndrome.

The following address we refer you to will give you a good idea of this complex phenomenon called hydrops fetalis : Universal edema of the newborn

Our site is intended for :

  • physicians (gynecologists, geneticists, pathologists…) who have a real passion for uncommon and complex mechanisms before birth, who love caring for patients with humanity, who can question their knowledge and proceed like detectives paying attention to each detail ;

  • couples whose pregnancy was affected who look for information desperately because no scientist was able to answer their questions. After your visit, you will know that you are not alone.

We are most grateful to the specialists who really helped us in our search :

We thank them very much for being available to us, spending time on analysis of the specimens we could give them, as well as for approaching their colleagues about our case. Thanks to their team work, we could get more insight into the diagnosis in view of the specimens stored by Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal.


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